Future Concept.

CaseCart: a hard case and production cart in one, with enough space to store for instance a fully rigged camera-set or Drone set-up.

The Big Idea.

The CaseCart is a concept born out of a frustration that you always have to take so much with you on a shoot, especially when you also have a production cart with you. The precious time for building up and breaking down of the production cart and the extra transport is a hassle we wanted to reduce.


Finally, the CaseCart became realistic, although we realize, it isn’t the same as a full production cart but for many purposes it does the job and has lots of benefits with ease of use.

Creative Solutions.

Prep your own CaseCart into a Data handling cart?, a Drone cart?, a Power cart?, a Camera kit cart?, a craft service cart? Or …………? Anything is possible!

Comes with.

The cart is standard equipped with four 10” wheels, which are also easy to disassemble. The wheels fit exactly on the top shelf, so you don’t have to take it with you separately, 2 wheels are fully rotating (360 degrees) with brakes and 2 wheels are straight and 2 Handles to carry the complete case.

In the pipeline.

  • Storage troughs
  • Cable hooks
  • Top Shelf Drawer
  • Keyboard Tray
  • Baby Pin Pole

CaseCart 2800 Basic


  • HPRC-2800W hard case
  • 2x Removable straight wheels
  • 2x Removable rotating wheels with brake
  • 1x Standard Top plate
  • 1x Basic interior

List Price: 1980,-– (ex. VAT).


Outside dimensions/
Transport size (wheels inside) :

LxBxH: 820 × 590 × 500 mm
32,28 × 23,22 x 19,68 inch

Inside dimensions:
LxBxH: 600 × 470 × 380 mm
23,62 × 18,5 × 14,96 inch

Weight: 31,40 kg – 69,22 lbs


Interested in the CaseCart?

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